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I want to keep learning, but also stay at my job

The Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology, and Society is a flexible, low-residency program combining practical leadership training with theological insight and cultural analysis. Intensive on-campus courses alternate with application in the workplace.

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I want to use a week of my vacation to study

Regent College offers the most extensive Summer Programs in the world, with visiting faculty teaching a variety of courses. Topics range from literature and law to biblical studies and spiritual practices. When not in class, relax at one of Vancouver’s beautiful beaches or challenge yourself to hike a local mountain.

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I want to take time off work for focused study

Consider Regent’s graduate diploma or MA program for a more extended time of focused study. Regent’s graduate programs are designed to immerse you in a diverse community as you prepare to live out your God-given vocation and engage thoughtfully and intelligently with the wider culture.

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