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  • "This experience has given us a common language that helps us press deeper into questions of vocation and meaning and purpose "
    Christ Community Church
    of the South Hills
  • "Seeing the practitioners apply their faith to their contexts was so helpful and gave me such courage."
    Software Engineer
  • "I realized that God cares about what I do...he has a strategy for health care, and I can be seeking that in my daily work "
    Chief Strategy Officer, Hospital
  • "ReFrame strengthens your understanding of the gospel, your identity in Christ and his mission, and affirms the work that you do"
    CEO TengoInternet

Through ReFrame, participants as diverse as teachers, software engineers, college students, retirees, food service workers, CEO’s, farmers, hair-dressers, and assembly line workers are seeing the places God is calling them through the lens of his expansive Gospel and finding rich meaning in their everyday lives. We’ve collected some of their stories and testimonies to share with you.

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  • "It is not enough to have a reframed understanding of the Biblical story. We must be pulled through the frame and into the story, left breathless from our encounter with the living God."

    —Bruce Hindmarsh (ReFrame Episode 7)
    James Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology Regent College

  • "One of the wonderful things to me about the Bible is that there really are no heroes. They all do stupid things and they are still in the story. Nobody gets ejected, do you realize that?"

    —Eugene Peterson (ReFrame Episode 4)
    Professor Emeritus, Spiritual Theology Regent College

  • "As I work growing closer to Jesus, following him into my calling, what I discover is this joy that the world can’t take away. And so I don’t necessarily have success. I don’t necessarily have recognition. But I do have joy that nothing can take away."

    —Andy Crouch (ReFrame Episode 10)
    Journalist and Executive Editor Christianity Today

  • "Reframe helped our congregation not only press deeper into God’s story, but connect our work with God’s work in the world today... Reframe will challenge people to see their life and work differently, living as agents of God’s hope and reconciliation. "

    —Terry Timm
    Pastor of Christ Community Church, Made to Flourish Network

Customer Reviews

"ReFrame was transformational for my entire congregation. It stretched and profoundly touched us. I don't know whether I've ever understood Christ in such a powerful way. It has helped us love Christ and his world. "

Rev. Dean Ward
Pittsburgh, PA

"ReFrame offers a compelling vision of the Gospel that cannot help but move you to action. It’s been an incredible blessing to our young leaders across the globe."

Sarah Breuel
Lausanne Movement, Chair of Young Leaders Gathering

"The Response of our group was, 'I’ve been in the church my whole life, and I’ve never heard this before.' Everyone in our group (working folk, retirees, students) had a good experience because it is about the whole of life, not just work."

Harold & Martha Gail Dawes
Adult Education Lay Leaders

"Let me just say how much I have loved this ReFrame course. There have been so many ‘Wow—I never thought of it that way before’ moments! To realize we are used by God to be a ‘foretaste’ of what he has in store for those who put their faith in him changes the way I think about my interactions with others. We carry with us the Holy Spirit so that people can have a glimpse, a taste, of who Jesus is. We are to be that taste of something so incredible that once people have tasted it they won’t be able to settle for anything else."

Youth Leader
Ontario, Canada

"The videos are very well done ... and I'm sure will be a huge blessing to many! "

Kevin Jenkins
President and CEO, World Vision International

"I have been running the ReFrame course with my group in the central business district of Sydney, Australia—it is going extraordinarily well. The short story is that we love it. It is brilliant."

Andrew Baartz
Sydney, Australia

"ReFrame has brought our community of students together and has opened up a space for dialogue about Christianity... Because ReFrame is geared to people in the workplace, parts of the curriculum weren’t entirely designed for students, but I found it quite easy to replace “situations in a secular workplace” with “situations in a secular college.” It has been deeply satisfying as a leader to host honest conversations about faith and eternal matters, and to see the students who are under my care grow in the faith and their understanding of who Jesus is. "

Carson Leith
Residential Dean
Carey Centre, University of British Columbia

"ReFrame is brilliant. It’s production quality, depth of content, yet accessibility are unmatched. It’s the best small group resource you will ever use."

Wil Rogan
Long Beach, CA

"Within the past while​, we had occasion to show a segment of ReFrame to a group of holiday guests which included ​both expats and nationals from Uganda and Slovenia.​ Many Ugandans are comfortable with visual communication as opposed to text, so we were curious as to ​how they​ would respond to ReFrame. We were not disappointed. The viewers picked up things which we had not seen as strong cues and it became obvious to us that the producers of ReFrame had been very deliberate in which images they used to back up the text. Hurray for ReFrame! It generated good discussion and we left a study guide and the DVD in Kampala."

Carol Woods
Calgary, Alberta

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