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  • Who should take ReFrame?

    ReFrame was initially designed for Christians in western culture, but we quickly came to recognize its broad relevance in our modern, globalized world. Therefore, anyone seeking to understand their faith on a deeper level and its relevance to the rest of their lives will benefit from ReFrame. Additionally, because ReFrame addresses common cultural tensions, some groups may find it appeals to those questioning or seeking faith. ReFrame assumes participants have some familiarity with the Bible, but people who are new to Christianity have often had a good experience with it.

  • Who can lead ReFrame?

    ReFrame is designed for anyone to pick up the material and lead. The content is challenging, yet accessible and easy-to-understand.

  • What do I need to run a course?

    ReFrame is designed for groups in communities and churches around the world. All necessary content is included in the film episodes and accompanying guides. Each leader guide also includes a short list of additional supplies for each episode that can help in the learning process, but those supplies are optional. Ideally, groups will allow two hours to complete each session (including the forty minute film episode), but the leader guides provide simple guidelines for how to easily adjust this to fit within your context.

  • How can I purchase ReFrame?

    ReFrame is available in both digital (download) and hard copy. Click "Buy" at the top of the page for further information.

  • What if I want to buy ReFrame, but can't afford it?

    Cost should not inhibit anyone from taking ReFrame. Volume discounts are available whenever hard copies of the leader or participant guides are ordered in bulk. Additionally, concession prices are available for those who need it. Contact the Marketplace Institute at with questions about concession pricing or volume discounts. Please don't hesitate to use this very intentional concession price if you need it. It is a central part of ReFrame's mission to make it available to all who have an interest, regardless of cost.

  • I want to run ReFrame for several groups in my church. How does group licensing work?

    If you plan to run multiple courses at once, you are welcome to purchase as many individual copies of ReFrame as you need to equip each group. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to purchase a group license, which enables you to run unlimited courses within your organization for a single fee. A group license is calculated based upon the number of people who are part of an organization, not the number of people taking the course. For example, a church with a congregation of 100-199 members that would like to run ReFrame concurrently in six small groups will find it more cost effective to buy a group license.  The group license is good in perpetuity and may not be sold or transferred to other organizations. Once the organization downloads the videos it is welcome to share it within its church via a secure server or other means of distribution, provided it is not available to the general public and not resold.

  • How do I share the materials from my group license within my church?

    Our recommendation is that you place copies of the videos and guides on a USB drive or external hard drive and allow people to copy it to their computers as this is a much faster way of sharing files. Some churches have also placed copies of the videos on their own password protected Vimeo sites so that members could either stream or download the videos. Another approach some churches have taken is to burn a copy of the videos on to DVDs and make those available for sharing.

  • Someone in my group missed a session. Am I allowed to share the digital episodes with that person?

    People will miss sessions from time to time and may want to catch up by themselves. In this situation, digital episodes may be shared with group members. One way of doing this is by uploading the material on to a private password-protected video sharing platform such as VIMEO. To respect copyright law, please do not share these videos beyond your group. We simply ask that you practice fair use and not retain copies of these videos afterwards. Imagine having a copy of a single DVD that you shared within your group. In the same way, at the end of the course, there should only be one set of episodes stored in a single place.  Note: group licenses are an exception to this scenario.

  • What are the copyright restrictions for using ReFrame as part of a paid course or event?

    You are free to use up to two episodes in their entirety or up 60 minutes worth of clips from ReFrame with each clip being no more than 10 minutes in length. In addition, you are free to use ReFrame in its entirety at paid events where the fees are for a modest cost recovery and the course or event is not an accredited offering. If you would like to use ReFrame for other situations please contact us at and we can discuss a solution that addresses your situation.

  • Will I be charged duties on orders shipped internationally?

    In most cases ReFrame orders fall within existing exemption allowances for orders shipped internationally, however this will vary depending on the country in question. Any applicable duty charges will be added on to the order at the time of the product delivery to you by the shipment provider (i.e. it will not be charged as part of the order online). Digital orders outside of Canada and the USA will not be charged any taxes or duties.

  • I have been through ReFrame. What should I do next?

    ReFrame is meant to be an introduction to a lifelong conversation about what our faith means for every area of life. Recommendations for further resources are provided for those who want to learn more about each episode topic. Further information for how to interact with both the Regent College Marketplace Institute and The Washington Institute can be found on the After ReFrame page or on their websites. You may also consider leading ReFrame yourself.

  • I have a specific question and need to speak to someone. How can I do that?

    Send an email to with your question and we will be happy to help you.

  • Will the DVD play in my country?

    The DVD is encoded in NTSC format and is “region free” (it has no region restrictions). This means that the DVD is not restricted by geographical region for various DVD players, but the DVD player does need to be able to play in NTSC format. Currently NTSC format is used in North America and parts of Asia and South America while PAL format is predominately used in Europe, Africa, Australia and  some parts of Asia. Most PAL formatted DVD players, tvs and computers are also able to play NTSC format DVDs, but in order to be sure you should check your user manual or contact the manufacturer for advice. If your DVD player is not able to play the NTSC formatted DVDs then your best option at this time is to select the digital version for ReFrame.