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Leading a ReFrame Group

ReFrame is designed for groups

The course comes alive powerfully when people share their experiences, learn from one another, and challenge each another in the context of a community. These groups might be a small group at church, fellow coworkers, friends, or just a collection of people who share the desire to go deeper in their faith.

Obtain the Material

ReFrame is available in digital format and DVD format. The accompanying guidebooks are available in hardcopy or in .pdf format.

Getting Started

ReFrame is designed so that anyone comfortable leading a group discussion can run the course. The videos and accompanying participant and leader guides contain everything necessary to lead and follow along. 

The role of a leader in creating a great experience: 

  1. Adjust the format of the course for your audience and context (only if desired)
  2. Familiarize yourself with the videos and guidebooks beforehand 
  3. Set participant expectations 
  4. Create a hospitable environment where people can have honest, challenging conversation.

Watch the First Episode   Read the Leader Guide

  • Who can lead ReFrame?

    ReFrame is designed for anyone to pick up the material and lead. The content is challenging, yet accessible and easy-to-understand.

  • How much preparation is required?

    Leaders should expect to read the leader guide ahead of time each week to become familiar with the various activities and supplies needed for the group. When possible, it is helpful for leaders to watch the video ahead of time. On average, it shouldn't take more than one hour of preparation for each week.

  • Am I expected to know all of the answers to people's questions?

    Definitely not. The role of the leader is to create a space for conversation and dialogue around the central themes of each session, rather than to have all the answers. Leader guides include tips for effective facilitation, and specific notes for each session.

  • What do I need to run a course?

    All of the content you need is included in the video episodes and guides, along with a list of optional additional supplies for each episode that can help in the learning. The recommended template for your time together takes about two hours, but this can be adjusted to work in your context.

  • Where can I learn more about the topics we're covering in each session?

    We've included a short bibliography for each session of ReFrame in both the leader and participant guides. In addition, we've also listed a few more resources under each session on the website in case you'd like to learn more.

  • How do I know if ReFrame will work in my context?

    ReFrame has been used in many contexts: by college students, retirees, working professionals, and stay at home parents on 6 continents in 5 languages. ReFrame will likely work in your context if your group has a desire to learn, an openness to being challenged and the ability to stick with it through all ten episodes. ReFrame is full of rich content but it is not necessary for participants to grasp everything in order to have a good experience of the course. In fact, ReFrame uses story, lecture style teaching, and short interviews to reinforce the main points of each episode. Most participants will not be able to hold onto everything, and that is okay! The best experiences of the course have occurred when leaders have encouraged participants to take in what they can and not worry about what they can’t. We know that ReFrame is not for everyone however, and so we recommend watching the free episodes and reading the episode summaries to help you better evaluate the course content. Still unsure? Give us a call or email and we will try and put you in touch with someone who has tried it in a context similar to your own.

  • Who is ReFrame designed for?

    Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Christian gospel, and a richer understanding of how to live their faith. ReFrame is designed for a western audience but has been used on 6 continents in 5 languages. ReFrame assumes people have some familiarity with the Bible, but has also been used and appreciated by those with little prior knowledge of the Christian faith.

  • Should I buy a DVD Package, Digital Package, or Group License?

    This will depend on your intended use and how you are set up to play the videos. The Digital Package will come to your email as a set of links to download. You will need to download the links to your computer before you are able to play them. If you are concerned about projection quality, the Digital Download will be your best option. The digital files are HD, and the total size of all 10 episodes is 24.2 GB. If you would like smaller files, SD files (1.7 GB total for 10 episodes) are available upon request. The group license is designed to be cost saving for an organization that wants to run numerous groups at once. If an organization purchases a group license, they are welcome to distribute ReFrame throughout their organization as needed.

  • Customize / Modify

    Standard Format

    ReFrame is ready to go. Simply play the videos, follow the standard two-hour format below (page 4 in the guides) and follow the discussion for each session.

  • (1) Introduce the Session - 15min

    Each session begins with a recap of the previous session and a reflection question. The central topic of the session is then introduced, along with a Scripture passage to read aloud. You’ll then enter into a short time of prayer before beginning the video.

  • (2) Watch the Episode - 40min

    Each 40-minute ReFrame episode is a mixture of talks, interviews, and stories all related to the central topic of the session. A professor from Regent College provides a talk, which is interspersed with commentary from evangelical thought leaders. Ordinary people also share their experiences of how the full narrative of Scripture has impacted their personal story. Outlines of each episode’s central topics are provided in the guides, together with space for your own notes.

  • (3) Reflect and Journal - 5min (followed by 5 min break)

    This portion of ReFrame is a devotional and reflective space, where participants are invited to discern what God is saying to them through a time of silence, prayer, and journaling. It draws on the story of the disciples on the Emmaus road (Luke 24:13-35) and is designed to create space for participants to encounter Jesus. If appropriate for your group, participants may be invited to share their reflections together. Space is provided within the guide for journaling, with additional space for notes and reflection in the back. Participants may also wish to bring their own journals.

  • (4) Discuss the Episode - 40 min

    Questions are provided for the group to discuss the main themes of the episode. The goal of this time is to deepen understanding, so don’t feel pressured to cover everything. If you are having trouble getting the conversation going, consider asking one or more of the following:

    • What was new or significant for you?
    • What did you find helpful?
    • Were you surprised by anything?
    • Was anything confusing?
    • What questions were raised for you?
    • Was there anything that specifically connected with your life?

  • (5) Engage Through Activity and Prayer - 15 min

    Each session is designed to be self-contained, with no preparation required of the participants. However, every session includes an activity, some of which can be completed during the session itself, while others are optional and can be completed before the next session. Where activities are optional, spend the time explaining the activity and answering any questions the participants may have. The sessions end with an invitation to pray together about the key themes and any specific prayer requests that arise. In addition, a historical prayer is provided as a reminder of the church’s rich heritage and as an encouragement for us today. The prayers are collected in the Prayers Throughout the Ages segment in the back of the guide.

  • Modified Format

    There are a number of creative ways that people have adapted ReFrame for their context. Every group is different and the standard time (two hours) and group size (6-12 participants) are recommendations. You can adjust both of these as you see fit. 

    Adjust the Setting

    Here are some examples that have worked well.

    • Watch and discuss the videos in a home over a meal
    • Watch in a large group and then break up into table groups for discussion
    • Short on time? Watch the videos on your own and then get together to discuss them.

    Adjust the Time

    Struggling to fit 10 weeks of ReFrame into a church calendar year? Here are some creative ways churches have used the material:

    • Once a month (Sept - June)
    • Once a week for 7 weeks plus a Saturday retreat with 3 sessions
    • Two weekend retreats plus homework
    • Intensive/ Camp-retreat style over 3 days
    Adjust the Content
    • Write your own discussion questions tailored to your group. Or use our downloadable 1 page versions of the guides.
    • For student groups: frame the course to connect with the lives of students, the subjects they are studying, and the occupations they hope to enter.
    • Videos too long? Watch them in two-parts over 20 weeks, or just watch the lecture portion of the videos.

    Prepare to Lead

    Pray: Pray for your group and your time together.

    Prepare: Get ready for each session by watching the video beforehand and preparing for the activity as necessary. Notes to help you prepare are provided at the beginning of each session.

    Modify: Every group is different. The standard time (two hours) and group size (6-12 participants) are recommendations. Adjust both of these as you see fit.

    Focus: Try to keep the session and discussion tightly focused. Use the recap and intro to focus the group but don’t get stuck here; try to get to the video within the time suggested.

    Conversation: As a leader, facilitating conversation is a big part of your role. You do not have to have all the answers; rather, your task is to help people engage and wrestle with their questions. Life is complex and so is living out God’s story, so try to avoid easy answers.

    Questions: Having honest discussions about difficult questions is an important part of learning in ReFrame. With that in mind, don’t feel pressured to cover all the questions listed for each session. Equally, feel free to follow people’s curiosity and the questions that naturally emerge.

    Listen: Every good conversation involves listening. Guide the discussion and help participants listen well to one another. Remind the participants that they are all encouraged to contribute each week.

    Hospitality: ReFrame tries to follow the natural rhythms of a group: time to gather, connect, discuss, reflect, and take breaks. The typical two-hour model does not include space for a meal, although feel free to provide refreshments. If you wish to share a meal together, set aside additional time.

    Prepare Your Group for the Challenge

    ReFrame is going to challenge your group to take their faith into their ordinary lives in fresh ways. It will challenge….

    …..their minds as they encounter the Bible as a story that makes sense of all of life
    ….their hearts as they encounter Christ  
    ...their actions as they begin to imagine what it means to be an ambassador for Christ in the places he has called them. 

    Here are six ways that you can prepare them for and help them through the challenge: 

    1. Create a map - Make an ongoing visual map of where you’ve been and where you are going, keep track of the questions that arise 
    2. Give Access - Provide a way for those who miss to view the materials, (or to watch the material again during the week if they are really keen!) 
    3. Some people find Episodes 3 and 4 a bit dry, prepare people for this, remind them that there are multiple speakers throughout the course with different teaching styles. 
    4. Remind your people to take in what they can—People do not have to understand everything to have a rich experience of it.  
    5. Encourage people to stick with it—It’s going to stretch some people but they may be surprised they have a hunger for more than they thought. Encourage your people to stick with it, to show up, and take one thing out of it for the week.  
    6. Encourage Community—ReFrame gets at questions of meaning that often lead to rich, honest, and deep conversation. Embrace this—it is an important part of the experience.  

    Spread the Word

    Promotional Materials             Full Trailer             Short Trailer

    A series of promotional items are available here to help you share ReFrame with your local church or organization. Some of these materials can be customized to include relevant details for group locations and meeting times. Feel free to print and distribute these materials within your area.

    Contact Us

    Did you know that ReFrame has a team dedicated to helping you have a great experience with the course? Give us a call or send us an email and we would love to help you come up with a plan, provide resources, and answer any questions you may have. 

    Have you adapted ReFrame and created resources to fit your context? We would love it if you would share them with us!

    Phone: (604)-224-3245
    Toll Free: 1-800-663-8664
    Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 PST


    Would you like to evaluate ReFrame’s impact on your group? We have developed a before and after survey that will help you do this, and help us as we consider how better to equip Christians wanting to connect their faith to all of life. Email us at

    Pitch it to Your Congregation

    Campaign Guide            Promotional Materials            Full Trailer            Short Trailer

    Download the campaign guide for information and resources designed to help you get the word out about ReFrame in your community. Also, a series of promotional items are available here to help you share ReFrame with your local church or organization. Some of these materials can be customized to include relevant details for group locations and meeting times. Feel free to print and distribute these materials within your area. Note: These resources are strictly for use in promoting the ReFrame curriculum and may not be used in for any other purpose, promotional or otherwise.

    Sermon Resources

    Download this document that provides an overview of the entire course as well as individual outlines of the episodes and sermon notes with information like themes and intended outcomes.

    Train Your Small-Group Leaders

    Volunteer leaders are busy and often don't have extra time outside of their regular responsibilities. This is why ReFrame is such an excellent resource; it is ready to go straight out of the package. However, if you have the opportunity to provide your leaders with some training, it will greatly enrich the experience of your congregation as they go through the course. Getting your leaders to buy-in is the quickest way to get your congregation to buy-in and commit to the full program.

    Some churches have conducted leader training events to help orient their leaders prior to the start of running ReFrame in their various small groups. These training sessions have included the following:

    • A rationale for why ReFrame is needed. This includes exploring the causes behind the sacred/secular divide in society and how the Church has reinforced this divide. The result of this divide is that many people find their lives fragmented and feel a loss of identity.
    • An overview of the three major movemeats within ReFrame (The Story We Find Ourselves In, The Biblical Story, and The Ongoing Story) and how they relate to one another.
    • An overview of the biblical story arc within ReFrame. This involves summarizing the key points in episodes 3-7 and how together they illustrate a larger, coherent story within the Bible.
    • Explanation of the posture for the style of group dynames envisioned. For example, stress that this is more about good dialogue and asking questions than it is about providing answers or covering all of the material.
    • Tips gained from other groups and leaders. This includes general tips for running the small group as well as episode specific tips related to the content and structure for that week.


    Did you know that ReFrame has a team dedicated to helping you have a great experience with the course? Give us a call or send us an email and we would love to help you come up with a plan, provide resources, and answer any questions you may have. 

    Phone: (604)-224-3245
    Toll Free: 1-800-663-8664
    Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 PST


    Would you like to evaluate ReFrame’s impact on your group? We have developed a before and after survey that will help you do this, and help us as we consider how better to equip Christians wanting to connect their faith to all of life. Email us at


  • Who should take ReFrame?

    ReFrame was initially designed for Christians in western culture, but we quickly came to recognize its broad relevance in our modern, globalized world. Therefore, anyone seeking to understand their faith on a deeper level and its relevance to the rest of their lives will benefit from ReFrame. Additionally, because ReFrame addresses common cultural tensions, some groups may find it appeals to those questioning or seeking faith. ReFrame assumes participants have some familiarity with the Bible, but people who are new to Christianity have often had a good experience with it.

  • Who can lead ReFrame?

    ReFrame is designed for anyone to pick up the material and lead. The content is challenging, yet accessible and easy-to-understand.

  • What do I need to run a course?

    ReFrame is designed for groups in communities and churches around the world. All necessary content is included in the film episodes and accompanying guides. Each leader guide also includes a short list of additional supplies for each episode that can help in the learning process, but those supplies are optional. Ideally, groups will allow two hours to complete each session (including the forty minute film episode), but the leader guides provide simple guidelines for how to easily adjust this to fit within your context.

  • How can I purchase ReFrame?

    ReFrame is available in both digital (download) and hard copy. Click "Buy" at the top of the page for further information.

  • What if I want to buy ReFrame, but can't afford it?

    Cost should not inhibit anyone from taking ReFrame. Volume discounts are available whenever hard copies of the leader or participant guides are ordered in bulk. Additionally, concession prices are available for those who need it. Contact the Marketplace Institute at with questions about concession pricing or volume discounts. Please don't hesitate to use this very intentional concession price if you need it. It is a central part of ReFrame's mission to make it available to all who have an interest, regardless of cost.

  • I want to run ReFrame for several groups in my church. How does group licensing work?

    If you plan to run multiple courses at once, you are welcome to purchase as many individual copies of ReFrame as you need to equip each group. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to purchase a group license, which enables you to run unlimited courses within your organization for a single fee. A group license is calculated based upon the number of people who are part of an organization, not the number of people taking the course. For example, a church with a congregation of 100-199 members that would like to run ReFrame concurrently in six small groups will find it more cost effective to buy a group license.  The group license is good in perpetuity and may not be sold or transferred to other organizations. Once the organization downloads the videos it is welcome to share it within its church via a secure server or other means of distribution, provided it is not available to the general public and not resold.

  • How do I share the materials from my group license within my church?

    Our recommendation is that you place copies of the videos and guides on a USB drive or external hard drive and allow people to copy it to their computers as this is a much faster way of sharing files. Some churches have also placed copies of the videos on their own password protected Vimeo sites so that members could either stream or download the videos. Another approach some churches have taken is to burn a copy of the videos on to DVDs and make those available for sharing.

  • Someone in my group missed a session. Am I allowed to share the digital episodes with that person?

    People will miss sessions from time to time and may want to catch up by themselves. In this situation, digital episodes may be shared with group members. One way of doing this is by uploading the material on to a private password-protected video sharing platform such as VIMEO. To respect copyright law, please do not share these videos beyond your group. We simply ask that you practice fair use and not retain copies of these videos afterwards. Imagine having a copy of a single DVD that you shared within your group. In the same way, at the end of the course, there should only be one set of episodes stored in a single place.  Note: group licenses are an exception to this scenario.

  • What are the copyright restrictions for using ReFrame as part of a paid course or event?

    You are free to use up to two episodes in their entirety or up 60 minutes worth of clips from ReFrame with each clip being no more than 10 minutes in length. In addition, you are free to use ReFrame in its entirety at paid events where the fees are for a modest cost recovery and the course or event is not an accredited offering. If you would like to use ReFrame for other situations please contact us at and we can discuss a solution that addresses your situation.

  • Will I be charged duties on orders shipped internationally?

    In most cases ReFrame orders fall within existing exemption allowances for orders shipped internationally, however this will vary depending on the country in question. Any applicable duty charges will be added on to the order at the time of the product delivery to you by the shipment provider (i.e. it will not be charged as part of the order online). Digital orders outside of Canada and the USA will not be charged any taxes or duties.

  • I have been through ReFrame. What should I do next?

    ReFrame is meant to be an introduction to a lifelong conversation about what our faith means for every area of life. Recommendations for further resources are provided for those who want to learn more about each episode topic. Further information for how to interact with both the Regent College Marketplace Institute and The Washington Institute can be found on the After ReFrame page or on their websites. You may also consider leading ReFrame yourself.

  • I have a specific question and need to speak to someone. How can I do that?

    Send an email to with your question and we will be happy to help you.

  • Will the DVD play in my country?

    The DVD is encoded in NTSC format and is “region free” (it has no region restrictions). This means that the DVD is not restricted by geographical region for various DVD players, but the DVD player does need to be able to play in NTSC format. Currently NTSC format is used in North America and parts of Asia and South America while PAL format is predominately used in Europe, Africa, Australia and  some parts of Asia. Most PAL formatted DVD players, tvs and computers are also able to play NTSC format DVDs, but in order to be sure you should check your user manual or contact the manufacturer for advice. If your DVD player is not able to play the NTSC formatted DVDs then your best option at this time is to select the digital version for ReFrame.