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Enter into the big story of Scripture and explore how the gospel reframes all of life.

ReFrame is a 10-Session video-based Bible study that brings faith to life.

ReFrame is now streaming
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    "It is not enough to have a reframed understanding of the Biblical story. We must be pulled through the frame and into the story, left breathless from our encounter with the living God."

    —Bruce Hindmarsh (ReFrame Episode 7)
    James Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology Regent College

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    "One of the wonderful things to me about the Bible is that there really are no heroes. They all do stupid things and they are still in the story. Nobody gets ejected, do you realize that?"

    —Eugene Peterson (ReFrame Episode 4)
    Professor Emeritus, Spiritual Theology Regent College

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    "As I work growing closer to Jesus, following him into my calling, what I discover is this joy that the world can’t take away. And so I don’t necessarily have success. I don’t necessarily have recognition. But I do have joy that nothing can take away."

    —Andy Crouch (ReFrame Episode 10)
    Journalist and Executive Editor Christianity Today