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ReFrame offers a unique blend of intellectual rigour and practical theology by engaging a wide variety of teachers and practitioners. Each episode features world-class lectures by Regent College professors, real-world examples from practitioners, and insight from prominent Evangelical thought leaders.

Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Networking Team, INFEMIT, Latin American Theological Fellowship


Ruth Padilla DeBorst currently serves as a board member of the Latin American Theological Fellowship she is tasked to serve on the Networking Team of INFEMIT (The International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation). Ruth has been involved in leadership development and theological education for integral mission in her native Latin America for many years. As a missionary with Christian Reformed World Missions she first served in student ministry with the Comunidad Internacional de Estudiantes Evangélicos (IFES), next with Seeds of New Creation, a ministry that trains for and promotes holistic mission in El Salvador, and later with the Institute ProIntegral Education. She lives in Costa Rica where she shares parenting of their blended, multi-cultural family with her husband, James Padilla DeBorst, and community life with the members of Casa Adobe.