The Regent College Podcast recently featured an interview with two healthcare professionals to discuss the role of their faith in their work, and ReFrame got a shout-out in the process. Regent’s post-doctoral fellow in theology and science, Ashley Moyse, is currently leading a three-year initiative to advance conversations about the relationship between theology and science. Joining him in the interview is Lydia Corriveau, a student who came to Regent College after working as a nurse in a surgical intensive care unit in Vermont and on a hospital ship in West Africa.

Near the end of the interview, Ashley asks Lydia what brings her joy in her work as a nurse. The personal connections, she says, are especially meaningful.

“I remember watching ReFrame, and I believe it was Paul Stevens who said, 'Don’t ask people what they do, ask them what they love.’ I liked that, so I started doing that at work when I would meet my patient if they were able to talk. I would sometimes ask ‘What do you do?’ But more commonly I would say 'What do you enjoy? What do you love?’ Because, who cares what you do for work. You might not love your work and just do that to feed your family. I wanted to get to know a person on a deeper level. And I think that is what I liked about nursing: just being present with people and getting to know their stories. I think it is such an honor.”

Listen to the entire interview below and subscribe to the Regent College podcast here.

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