This series is designed for people interested in exploring what it means to live as God’s representatives on earth, serving all of creation as faithful stewards. These sessions will help us understand creation care from a biblical and theological perspective, as well as paint a picture of the environmental issues and attitudes present today. The material will look at the redemptive hope that is offered to us through Christ, and how we can walk forward as “priestly earth-keepers.” Our love of God is reflected in the way we love all that he has made, and we believe that humanity’s influence can help God’s creation prosper.

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The series is divided into four sessions, each asking a different question:

  1. Why should we care about the environment? This session gives a biblical foundation for why the earth and our care for it matter.

  2. What are the environmental issues that we face today? This lecture highlights the prominent environmental issues, some of the challenges in addressing them, and why they are of increasing importance.

  3. Can the Christian story offer hope to our current circumstances? This talk explores what it means to find hope in Christ amidst the current ecological crisis.

  4. How then shall we live in light of all this? This final session discusses helpful ways we can engage with our world here and now that are based in a Christian hope.

We encourage participants to go through these sessions with a group of people, listening first to the audio resource and then discussing the material for 15-20 minutes afterwards.

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