ReFrame Audio Extend Course #1: Christianity and  Business & Economics

This series is intended to help people gain a better sense of both the opportunities and challenges present within today’s business and economic arenas, and how Christians can start to work towards solutions. The audio lectures will draw from various biblical sources and place these in dialogue with current economic and business literature to demonstrate what the Christian faith has to offer to the pressing challenges of today. In particular, they help demonstrate how we might live faithfully within a market economy system while still advocating policy changes that are more conducive to human flourishing. Additionally,  they demonstrate how we might approach business so that its activities are better aligned with the blessing of society.

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The series comprises five lectures as follows:

  1. Curing Capitalism: Can We Afford Another Crisis?

The first lecture sets the scene for some of the inherent characteristics found within today’s business and economic culture by using the 2008 financial crash as a case study.

  1. Jesus in the McWorld

The second lecture focuses on aspects of business related to the crash and looks particularly at aspects of globalization and some of its effects.

  1. Doing Business in the Image of God

The third lecture offers a biblical basis for understanding the nature of work to which humans are called and how business is a good way to express this human creativity.

  1. Business as Usual

The fourth lecture builds off this biblical basis of work by then analyzing ways in which business falls short of this approach today and offers some brief suggestions on helpful ways forward.

  1. Capitalism, Social Justice and Desire

The final lecture follows a similar flow to lectures three and four, looking at what a biblical view of justice entails for society and how capitalism measures up to this view. It then shows how Scripture provides some helpful correctives in terms of potential economic policies and goals we might strive for as Christians.

Learning happens best in community! Find a group of friends, or colleagues who might be great conversation partners, listen to the lecture in advance, and meet together to discuss.  We have provided guiding questions and a summary of the lectures’ key learning points to help facilitate group discussion. Bibliographies have also been provided for those wanting more information on each of the topics raised during the lectures.  

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