The final ReFrame episode reflects on how God calls us to find joy, rest and peace in Christ. How does the pace of our lives help or hinder our life in Christ? What might happen if "busy" wasn't our first response to those who ask "how are you?" We want to introduce you to a video resource that examines these very questions through story.  

“Godspeed” is a short documentary film that tells the story of an American pastor who had to relearn what it means to walk with God. Matt Canlis is a Regent alumnus whose desire to change the world leads him to a small Scottish parish. Without a pastoral office, he rediscovers his vocation by walking through small villages, knocking on peoples doors, and getting to know them. There he discovers true freedom in slowing down from the busyness of life and learns the importance of a stability that enables deep relationships. 

The film raises discussions on the fear of being known, the pace of life, and the necessity of hospitality. It presents interviews with N.T. Wright, Eugene Peterson, and others who played crucial roles in Matt’s journey. Beautiful scenes from the Scottish countryside make the film a visual feast. Study guides are available for those who want to engage the film in a small group or church. 

This is a helpful resource for every Christian who wants to find God in the ordinary. 

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