As the ReFrame community has continued to grow, a number of people have taken the time to write reviews of the course content and their experience with the curriculum. Some of these have been bloggers whom we asked to provide a review of ReFrame on their blog. Others are simply people who wanted to help spread the word because they had a positive experience.

We think ReFrame is great, but you don’t have to take our word for it! That’s why we decided to collect some of these posts into one place so you can hear about ReFrame from people like you who have been through the course.

Elliot Ritzema : “All is Grist: Making Sense of the World with Words” Blog

“I highly, highly recommend this course for group study, whether it is as a small group or as a church. I pray that God will use ReFrame to powerfully influence Christians around the world to live more fully out of, and show others how to live more fully out of, the most compelling and beautiful story there is.”

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Barney Aspray: “Many Horizons” Blog

“N.T. Wright says that ‘it is not enough to say one’s prayers in private, maintain high personal morality and then go out and rebuild the tower of Babel.’ Many Christians, despite being devout followers of Jesus, are complicit in the values and way of life offered by secularity without realizing it. The evangelical church needs to be awakened to the needs of its culture that include, but go beyond, simply persuading more people to go to church. For many people, ReFrame may play its part in helping them find the Christian purpose and value of what they are passionate about.”

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“Lifegroup Studies” Blog

“This study is a great and insightful study about how to integrate faith and work. [It] would be appropriate for all types of groups – Men’s, Women’s, Couples’ and Mixed – who want to be both intellectually challenged and spiritually enlightened in how their faith affects their work (and their lives outside of the church).”

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“Ruminations About Life, Faith, and Mission” Blog

“I’ve been looking for an opportunity to “test-drive” the material with a small group, but unfortunately haven’t managed this so far. Nevertheless, my suspicion is that ReFrame will be a very valuable resource for any group keen to develop their understanding of how the biblical story connects with, and can transform our everyday lives.”

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“Finding a vocation starts with getting a better grasp on the big picture of the Bible, says Ceri Rees, the director of the Regent College Marketplace Institute. Rees says that many people don’t realize that the gospel relates to all of life—including work. “There’s a gap in people’s understanding of the gospel, something more than saving my soul so I can go to heaven,” she says. A series like ReFrame can help people better understand the gospel and see their place in it.”

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Kruse Kronicle

"I cannot emphasize enough how refreshing this curriculum is ... It is my conviction that renewal in the church will begin only when God’s mission and the whole of life is reintegrated. Key to reintegration is reframing, yet I find precious few people in ecclesiastical structures and academic institutions who see the urgency and centrality of this need... ReFrame is a refreshing exception."

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