These questions come to us weekly from folks around the world. Providing a simple answer is a challenge because ReFrame is working for an audience that is wider and more diverse than we could have imagined. But after four years of listening to user feedback, we’ve determined that the difference between a great and average experience is less determined by the audience’s age, ethnicity, or biblical literacy and more determined by the participants’ willingness to dive in, and the leader’s preparation. When participants have been ready and leaders prepared, groups as diverse as Washington prisoners, CEOs from Hong Kong, Chilean University Students, Syrian Immigrants, Canadian retirees, and Texan stay-at-home moms have had incredible faith-transforming experiences as they’ve come to understand the gospel in a fresh way that connects powerfully to their day-to-day life.   

So just how does one prepare for a great ReFrame experience? We’ve produced a short video of best practices for new leaders based on what we’ve heard from you over the years. Your stories, suggestions, and feedback have been the building blocks of this video, so thank you! We hope you enjoy it, and ask you to pass it on to at least one friend who might just benefit from leading or engaging ReFrame in the years to come.