ReFrame Audio Extend Course #2: Christianity & Science

Despite all of the positive contributions science makes to life, for many people it is at odds with Christian faith, as the findings of science seem to conflict with the story of the Bible. This series of lectures seeks to address this misconception, showing how the Christian story gives context and meaning to the work of science. In turn, it shows how the discipline of science enables us better to know God through his created world and informs us of how best to fulfill our human calling to govern and care for the world.

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The series comprises six lectures:

  1. The Co-inherence of Science and Faith: Matter that Matters

  2. How are Science and Faith 'First Cousins'?
  3. Why God Won't Go Away

  4. Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?

  5. Reading Genesis 1 and 2

  6. Critical Issues in Bioethics

Whether you are a student, teacher, scientist, practitioner, or merely curious, this series of lectures given by practitioners and academics who hold both science and faith in highest regard will enable you to begin to see how faith and science co-inhere. It is our hope that these lectures address questions you have held about the compatibility of faith and science, encouraging and equipping you in your work and further exploration of these issues.

Learning happens best in community!  Find a group of friends, colleagues or conversation partners, listen to the lecture in advance, and meet together to discuss what you’ve heard.  We have provided guiding questions and a summary of the lectures’ key learning points to help facilitate group discussion. Bibliographies have also been provided for those wanting more information on each of the topics raised during the lectures.

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